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About Allpoetry

Join the largest poetry community
- Designed for any poet - from beginners to experts
- Encouragement with friendly feedback
- Like a big writing group where every poem gets several encouraging comments
- Detailed critiques when you're ready
- Over 20 free courses on haiku, metaphor, sonnets, and much more run by our volunteer teachers
- Community print publications - see your poem in print
- Radio shows, call in and read your poem out loud

Award Winning Poets
- Experts encourage amateurs to improve - every poet is welcome
- The best poems are featured on the front page
- Many have won national contests

Writing Groups
- Private forums for friends or focused critiques with a particular theme
- Smaller sub-communities within the larger one

Dozens of Contests
- Totally free, and some with cash prizes
- Dozens of free contests are started every day
- Let clever prompts and fair judging inspire you!