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About Al-Muhaffiz

Al-Muhaffiz's features are exclusively designed for Hifz Al Quran.

• Shz. Husain B.S, Al-Hussary, Al-Minshawi audio
• Mushaf Al Tajweed, Khazain Ma'ani Quran pages
• A-B audio repeat
• Audio playback speed control
• Auto page turn for recitation
• Modular downloads by page, surah, juzz or all juzz
• Highlight mode for marking errors
• Hifz Guide
• Hifz Dua

I love ths app and before my parents was telling so i did it thn i leaved and did it again now i am in 11 th page anyone can learn through ths app when they are telling tht i don ' t want to do after a coupl...
Sakina Gatau
Good for hifz
Fatema Bohra
Mariam Indore