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About Hajj & Umrah

🕋 Al Huda Hajj & Umrah
Guidance App

This app has:
Step by Step Method on how to perform Umrah & Hajj

This is the digital version of the Hajj and Umrah necklace with easy to read, essential steps

This app also has collection of all the important supplications required for Hajj and Umrah such as
📍Invocations for travelling,
📍entering the city and the Masjid,
📍Invocations for the rituals of Hajj and Umrah

Now no need for fumbling through books to find the relevant invocations, just one touch and have the invocation displayed with translation, audio playback and explanation by Dr.Farhat Hashmi.

We comprehensive app
iram rehan
Audio for dua could be better with meaning. جزاك الله خير
Imran Shaikh
Allah tala Dr. Farhat Hashmi ko jaza e khair den or humein bhi sub mein khair baant'ne wala banaen aameen jazakAllah
Head Way