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About Ringtones for whatsapp

We have created a list with the most modern and graceful tones so you can customize your whatsapp, sms or calls.
We have included 60 tones in the first version, in which you can find various kinds,
so whatever your taste you can find one that fits within your tastes.
It is very easy to use because you just have to reproduce the colors displayed in list format, and once
know which you want to set as a ringtone, you only have to drop down to select one of the options offered by the app, which are:
1) Ringtone
2) SMS / notification / Whatsapp
3) clock / alarm

This way you can use it for the sound you prefer to configure on your mobile android.
I remember, that for work correctly in the application of whatsapp you must have selected in your settings as
"Default Tone" that this enables reproduction of sound selected in the application.

wira kb
Manish Kambli
Tension inside usher
Tanish Poddar