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About Aircraft Carrier 2020

Aircraft Carrier 2020 is a free synthetic placement casual game with an Aircraft theme,
Merge the same aircraft, unlock more advanced aircraft and develop your tarmac. Let them grow and become one of the most powerful players in the world!

Buy, match and manage your tarmac, and earn revenue! Can you match them all?
Combine the same planes to unlock more advanced planes!

Game 1:
Enjoy merging and developing up to 30 more aircraft
Earn daily bonuses to help you move faster in the game
Economy promotes science and technology

Game 2:
In addition to earning gold COINS every day, there is a mode of entry;
Each level and gatekeeper BOSS, more colorful surprises waiting for you to find ~

Fire at will, bold attack! A variety of aircraft and skills could help you keep flying in a continually changing state, and you need to eliminate enemy aircraft that towards you. Don’t panic when facing enemy aircraft, and You will get high scores when you face the heads-on, Challenge yourself! Bold and realistic style with exciting game experience would make you easily become a qualified captain!

Captain,lets' go!

Swastik gundappagol
Bharatesh kumar
Awesome game pliss muje iphone sari product diladona plzz and this is awesome game
Nagabhai Karmur
Umesh Kumar
My name is Yakubu elijah from Nigeria and African people African cultures can make you More Money More blessing more cars most of people are not understanding how to play the game and let me into as you got ...
Yak's Boy
Good experience.
Devsagar Singh
New game nice game I like it so much thanks
Pen Kalamkari