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About eCrew

You are welcome to download this app at any time, however your airline Administration will notify when you may commence using it.

eCrew – AIMS Native Mobile app for Apple and Android mobile/tablet devices.

Specifications, Features, and Characteristics:

The official e-Crew app from AIMS International Limited, the developer and owner of the AIMS Application, is finally here and it is offered free of charge to all crew from all airlines which are powered by the AIMS Airline software.

With great emphasis on speed, data security, and a brand new interface optimized for mobiles and tablets, the eCrew app will greatly speed up the process by which you will review your crew schedule.

This eCrew app version does not feature the complete functionality of the AIMS eCrew web application, at least for the time being, but it includes the most widely used features. For a complete list of features, please review the list below.

Technical Specifications:

Minimum Android OS version 4.4 up to the latest.

Once downloaded, crew will be requested to enter the necessary details in order to register the device with his/her personal account.

Required info:
 eCrew site address
 Crew ID
 Personal Password

List of Features of the new eCrew app:

Push notification related:

Real time push notifications, following crew schedule changes (supports multiple devices)
Badge number with the number of pending crew schedule changes ( iOS only)
Acknowledgment of a single crew schedule change.
Acknowledgment of all crew schedule changes.

Crew Schedule related:

- Schedule in UTC or Local times.
- Ability to view previous and next month’s Crew Schedule.
- Colored duties:
• Green - Day Off or Annual leave
• Purple - Training duties
• Blue - Standy (Reserve) duties
• Graphite- Flight duties
• Red - schedule changes which require acknowledgement
• Black - Rest/Layover time
• Yellow - Deadheading flights/Ground Transport

- Check-in/out times for each duty.
- Delay Indicators (that an upcoming flight has been delayed, including amount of delay)
- Memo indicators ( including actual memo text assigned to the flight/duty)
- Training Indicators (including type of training and Instructor’s/Trainees’ names on the course)

Other features:

- “Refresh” option (in addition to automatic Refresh) to load latest/updated crew schedule.

- Mobile/Calendar support
- Import of duties to the mobile calendar. (UTC/LOCAL)
- Alerts/Reminders for each duty separately

- Off-line mode
- Ability to view your schedule even when there is no internet connection available.
- Indicator for the last on-line access

- A wide range of flight info for each flight leg

- List of crew on each flight leg or duty
- Operating Crew
- Dead-Heading Crew
- Jump-Seaters
- Instructors/Trainees on each duty

- Call/send message to any crewmember in the same flight directly from the app. (i.e. hangouts, whatsapp, viber etc)

- Departure/arrival airport details
- Various airport data including Hotel together with checkin/checkout times
- Ability to view/navigate to the hotel address accessing the map application

- Switch to the main e-Crew web application (which provides access to all eCrew features), at a press of a button.

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All good now with latest update and Android 11
Karim D
It's easy to use. Gives all the informative data using less mb. I would highly recommend all the crew to use the same.
shivangi bhardwaj
Good app. It would be great to have a Trip trade option
Vittorio Keshel'be