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About FleetSafer

FleetSafer is the ultimate risk management tool. It enforces communications policies and monitors safe driving practices.

FleetSafer requires a Cogosense enterprise account. FleetSafer uses GPS or a connected cogoB smart device to automatically engage when driving movement is detected, disabling access to the device and silencing all calls and notifications. Calling text, social and email functionality is disabled. Driving behaviour is monitored.

- The Emergency Call feature allows you to make an emergency call at any time.
- The Passenger feature allows you to certify that you are not driving and gain full access to your device.
- The End of Drive feature permits immediate access to the device when driving stops.
- Quick Dial feature provide 2 click dialling to preselected numbers.
- The SOS feature provides a single touch mechanism to alert a predefined list of emails and SMS addresses.
- Rollover detection feature can used for fixed tablet installations to automatically activate the SOS feature.

While driving calls can be allowed if a handsfree device is connected, priority callers can be allowed to call at all times, all other calls are routed to voice mail. Auto response can be setup to reply to incoming calls and texts from known contacts. Optionally a location can be included in the response.

FleetSafer uses the Device Administrator permission to ensure mobile devices are used in accordance with company policies.

Consumer customers will soon be able to download the ZoomSafer application

This app works it prevents calls, texts and notifications. It silences the phone while driving. The deciding factor for us was the ease to deploy in a large enterprise environment. The full integration with ...
John Williams
Block the handheld call and text notification while driving. It kept my focus on the road. Great product.
Johannes Oen