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About TouringBee: alive audioguides around the world!

TouringBee - Your audio travel tour guide
Are you new to a city in Europe or Asia and need a quick tour or a story about the city told by the locals?
Use the TouringBee app to hear local experts tell stories about your destination. You'll learn so much more about the sights you behold and the adventures you are about to experience, all in an audio travel tour guide.
l Audio guide
l Works offline
l GPS and map
l No roaming fees
l Stories about sighting spots and major attractions in a new city
l TouringBee audio tours cover major cities in Asia or Europe

With your GPS location, the app can map out where you are at the moment and guide you around tourist destinations in that city.

TouringBee is the audio tour guide will all the information you need about the attractions in your new city, from iconic buildings and monuments, to museums and much more.

There is a list of cities you can get tours for in Europe and Asia, including Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and much more.

The app works offline, so you don't need a data plan or Wi-Fi to access the tour guide for major cities in Europe or Asia, so you won't be charged for roaming fees.

What's more?

Locals who present TouringBee audio guides have hands-on experience living and working that city for many years as guides.

Our audio guides are presented in easy to understand English with the local pronunciation of monuments, places, and artifacts.

l Take walking tours at your own time with TouringBee
l Easy-to-use interface

Отличное приложение. Я люблю много ходить пешком, поэтому мне понравилось гулять по Парижу и слушать экскурсии. Самое главное, что это не занудный аудиогид, который обычно выдают в музеях, а веселый рассказ ...
Anastasiya Sergievskaya
Очень классный аудиогид! Хороший интерфейс , все удобно и интуитивно, спасибо большое! Я скачала аудиогид по Лувру, нового узнала почти все, кроме разве что Джоконды :) Спасибо!
Anastasia Sersun