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About Ad-Rebate

What is Ad-Rebate?

Ad-Rebate is an app which gives you rewards, coupons and gifts on viewing local advertisement.

But unlike any other app or website, we don't force our users to watch ad being forced by the app. We give users full controls on which ever advertisement the user want to view.

We have made separate section of each categories like Cafes, Restaurant, etc. If a user wants to earn coupon of his/her favorite local cafes, then he/she will have to watch three videos advertisement of 30 seconds of local area. After successfully watching 3 video ads you will have to answer a question which will be related to the 3 video ads. After giving the right answer (selecting the right option) you will get the desired coupon of your favorite store which you can redeem on the store by QR code.

We at Ad-Rebate want to give user the best experience of watching Advertisement. Our motto is very simple and clear we want user to watch advertisement but on their own choice i.e. "Advertisement on Your Control".

We at Ad-Rebate belief that our app will empower the local market of all categories by giving them the target audience they want. User will watch the local video ads of different categories and will get exciting offers from their local market. This will create a boost in their sales. Also local market will get exposure by publishing video advertisement in our app.

Why should the user Download this app?

By using Ad-Rebate, the user in our app will get exciting rewards/discount offers and even cash prizes of their near physical local store of different categories.

For Example -> Suppose a user wants to go in a restaurant, what normally he/she will do, he/she will directly go to the restaurant he likes and pay the full amount of the bill. But instead of paying the entire bill the user can watch advertisement of his/her favorite restaurant, answer a simple question related to Ad and then get discount on his/her bill. The user can also discover new restaurant as we have many restaurants available in our app.

This will help both the parties the user will get the discount of local market area, and the local stores will get exposure by advertising in video in our app.

How to Get Coupon?

Step 1 - Go to home screen.
Step 2 -Select the category whose coupon you want.
Step 3 - Select the café and restaurant whose coupon you want.
Step 4 - Watch 3 Ads and answer one question.
Step 5 - You'll get coupon and the coupon will active after 1 hour.

How to Redeem Coupon?

Step 1 - Go to home screen.
Step 2 - Select Barcode from top right corner.
Step 3 - Ask for the barcode from shopkeeper and scan the QR code.
Step 4 - Enter you bill and select the coupon you want to apply.
Step 5 - Show the Verified coupon and last bill to the shopkeeper and pay the amount give in the app.

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Very helpful app i am new in city and this app help me lot
Great concept !!!
Nikhil Yadav
Great app i think its quite useful i got discount on my bills by watching some adds . Simply its a great app .
Hitik Mall.13.A