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About AdsVlog Wallet

If you want to fill up your AdsVlog balance you can use this app.

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Get Subscribers, Get Views

Get Subscribers, Get Views


AdsVlog 100% guarantees your videos will get views, your channels will get subscribers, and you will get the necessary amount of watching hours!

Get more views for your videos
Add your video link to this app
Choose a reward that you will pay for each view of your video
Save it
That's it, now depending on the chosen reward you will get views immediately or after some time (the higher the reward - the faster you will get views)
You can change the chosen reward in the videos list at anytime

Earn money to promote your channel and videos
Start watching videos and subscribe to channels of other users
For each watched video you receive a reward
For each subscription, you also receive a reward
Go to the bonus page in the app and receive bonuses for completing easy tasks

Get more subscribers for your channels
Just add a link to your channel while adding a link to your video
Remember - subscribers are free and you do not pay for them at all
Sometimes some users are cheating that they subscribed to your channel that’s why you can see different numbers of subscribers in the app versus the real number of your subscribers - we block such cheaters and always trying to improve the system. Please, remember that before complaining or giving a bad rating to the app.

Get Real Followers
Get Instant Followers for your social accounts.

Get Real Likes
Get Instant Likes for your posts and videos.

Get Video Reviews
Get Video Reviews for your posts, videos, and any other resources.

Get Articles
Get Articles for your posts, videos, and any other resources.

Get New Users
Promote your referral links and invite new users to your sites and apps.

Get App Downloads
Promote mobile apps.

Get Real and Instant Comments
Get Real Comments for your social accounts, videos, blogs, apps, and any others Internet pages.

Install this promotional app and start increasing your videos views and channel subscribers quickly and for free! Get registrations, articles, video reviews, likes, app downloads instant and fast!

If you can't log in - you can try the web version

For more details check this help page please

Also, you can email us at [email protected]

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AdsVlog Wallet

AdsVlog - Comments and Reviews

AdsVlog - Comments and Reviews


If you want to immediately receive comments and reviews on your videos, posts, articles, or product pages then download this app.

Comments and reviews play a massive role in increasing your blog's, article's, or video’s reach. The algorithms recognize blogs, articles, and videos with more comments and push them out to a wider audience.

"AdsVlog Comments and Reviews" app helps you to get your viewers to comment on your video, blog, or article and boost your video’s, blog’s, and article’s overall engagement rates.

Comments and reviews, in particular, generate discussion, which means more engagement and more people wanting to engage with your content. It’s a great cycle.

There’s no doubt that capturing users’ attention enough to drive more comments and reviews can be difficult; there’s plenty of competition on every platform after all. With the right plan in place and with AdsVlog, however, it can be done!

Comments and reviews are a great way to engage with your audience and to demonstrate that you’re interested in what your audience has to say.

The comments and reviews can play a big part in promoting your videos, articles, and blogs.

How to get more comments and reviews on your posts, videos, articles, and product pages?

Comments are a great way to talk with your audience, and even a way to get them to promote your content!

AdsVlog advice for how to get comments and reviews are next:
1. Respond to your comments and reviews
2. Reciprocate engagement
3. Creatively ask people to comment and review
4. Do a giveaway
5. Invite people to tag their friends
6. Add In Some Cute Photos
7. Ask thoughtful questions

Conclusion: How to get more comments and reviews on your posts, videos, photos, articles, and product pages!
The biggest impact you can make to your comment count on your content is to adjust a few habits to think engagement first. This is true for all social media content, not just posts, and videos – so social media marketers, take note!

Make sure you’re collecting the most comments by scheduling your posts during prime-time- when the majority of your followers are online!

With the free app AdsVlog Comment and Reviews for your posts, videos, articles, and product pages you can get dozens of comments and reviews in a matter of minutes!

Go ahead, give it a try!

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AdsVlog Wallet

AdsVlog - Tags extractor

AdsVlog - Tags extractor


Extract tags and keywords from competitor's videos, posts, and other pages.
SEO optimization of your videos.
Extract and analyze tags and keywords from similar videos, posts, and other pages.
Analyze competitor's videos and posts.
Extract tags from search results.

If you want to extract tags for particular videos or pages - just add links to these videos and pages in the app and start extraction.

If you want to extract tags from the search results - just type the search query and start extraction.

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AdsVlog Wallet

AdsVlog Notifications

AdsVlog Notifications


Install this app if you want to receive notifications about new videos for earn by watching, low balance of your account, updates and other important information.

Talisman of Wealth (amulet of attracting money)

Talisman of Wealth (amulet of attracting money)


To win the lottery: spin twice a day from left to right for 10 seconds.

For a job promotion: twist from right to left twice a day for 10 seconds.

For business success: Twist from top to bottom twice a day for 10 seconds.

To simply magnetize money: twist clockwise once a day.

Since we live in the digital age and all money has now become electronic, only digital amulets can attract them!

The digital amulet is especially useful for those who do business online - traders, online trading, games, cryptocurrency, sports bets, gambling, and others.

A very beautiful and powerful Talisman of Wealth (amulet of attracting money) - Chinese Coin.

You can spin in it by swiping on it.
If you like talismans this amulet is for you!
Buy it and enjoy it!

Please don’t forget to leave a review of your experience with the app Talisman of Wealth!

The Magical Power of Chinese talismans is huge. With their help, people attract good luck, love, and, of course, money. Chinese coins are a good and effective talisman for attracting money. They symbolize wealth and financial well-being. Also, legends say that action of Chinese coins is based on their strong monetary energy, which will not only save money in the wallet but also help to increase wealth.

Talisman of Wealth was used since ancient times to bring luck, happiness, power, and wealth to its owners. Money Amulet grants people courage and a great mood for the whole day.

Take your personal Digital Money Amulet with you every day, and it will show its true power in combination with your energy. You will feel a boost of energy and confidence that can help you to reach new frontiers in your life!

Digital Material: Zinc alloy and bronze plating.

Mathematics. Mental math.

Mathematics. Mental math.


🎓 Help children and adults develop Math skills.
- Understanding size, shape, and patterns
- Ability to count verbally (first forward, then backward)
- Recognizing numerals
- Identifying more and less of a quantity
- Understanding one-to-one correspondence (i.e., matching sets, or knowing which group has four and which has five)

💾 Memory training.

🧮 Mental math.

🔄 Update and refresh math knowledge.

❎ Multiplication table.

📈 Statistics of correctly and incorrectly solved examples and tasks for the current day and for all time.

💪 Prepare to solve the exam, prepare for the test in mathematics, solve the exam.

Improve math skills in the following categories:

➕ Addition
➖ Subtraction
✖️ Multiplication
➗ Division

Equation solving
Root extraction

📚 Solving math problems

Negative numbers

Distance, speed, time (in development)
Fractions (in development)
📐 Geometry (in development)

Area, perimeter and volume (in development)
📏 Unit of measurement (in development)
💡 Logical problem solving (in development)

Algebra (in development)
Trigonometry (in development)
Statistics (in development)
Mathematical analysis (in development)

Certain categories (in development):
1st grade math
2nd grade math
3rd grade math
4th grade math
5th grade math
6th grade math

Also in the near future it is planned to add such important categories as:

Basics of programming
Preparation for the exam
ACT prep
SAT prep
IQ test
Solution of Olympiad problems

🎮 Math games:

"Find a pair 🧩" is an exciting mathematical game that improves not only the ability to quickly count, but also strengthens the memory of the player.

At the moment, app supports following languages:
🇺🇸 English,
🇮🇱 Hebrew,
🇷🇺 Russian.

😻 If you like this app - please rate it and recommend it to your friends who would like to quickly and accurately count in their mind and train their memory.

Write in the review which categories you would like to add first. Your wishes will be taken into account.

If you don’t like something in the app, write me an email at [email protected] before giving a bad rating. I will contact you and try to do my best to change your mind for the better!

Learn math, as this is the basis of any knowledge, a basis that will help you in various situations in study, work and life!

If you need ACT prep, SAT prep, math test prep, then you definitely need to install this app!

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