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About 20 words. Hint

*** Important to read for users who are already playing the old version, we do not recommend updating the game, as it was written again and on another engine, it was decided to move to a new design, it was changed all the way up to the save system, so keep in mind when you update you will lose previously saved progress.***

Spring has come, which means that it's time to give life to old projects, so meet the old game in a new design. The rules have not changed your task is to find the answer using a photo as a hint, tasks of diffeYour task is to find the hidden word using a picture as a hint, the task seems easy, but the solution is not always obvious and sometimes you can spend more than one hour or even a day on the solution of the puzzle.

- High-quality and beautiful pictures
- More than 400 puzzles
- Can't decide? Friends will help, ask for help in passing levels from friends in the social.networks.
- Earn coins by watching video ads.
- Stuck on a level? Friends don't know the answer? Go to the next level, it is possible to pass three levels at once!

- Minimalistic and nice design
- Help system
- Ability to play in English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian languages to choose from.

This game can be played alone, but we recommend that you do it in the company of friends, colleagues or classmates, so fun) Good luck and have fun!rent levels of complexity, so you do not get bored and maybe in addition to all this will discover something new.

- Good design.
- Pleasant music.
- Help system.
- Play in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.

We wish you good luck in passing and have a good time!

Useful information for those who when you click PLAY do not appear levels!
1) Go to phone SETTINGS
2) Find the application item (important, in some devices it may be called differently)
3) Find our game in the list and click on it
4) In the screen that appears, find the CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA buttons and click on them (in some devices, these buttons are obscured in additional sub-items, for example, in the memory sub-item)

Very good game addictive
Alan Murch
Only just downloaded this game & so far I'm enjoying playing it but will re-review it when I've played a bit longer 😻
Karen Hannon
I have really enjoyed this game. It's not incredibly hard like some of these kinds of games. Thank you!
mindy fussner
I like much playing this exquisite word puzzle game. I thought it may be hard to play at first, already on second level. 👧
Thus far, it's good game, I really don't care for the ads every two minutes. I know you have to pay for things but, if there was a way to shut them off, it make for a better experience.
Indy Hamilton
I have really enjoyed the game.
Linda Heath