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About Teacher's Gradebook - Additio

From planning to grading your students, Additio centralizes all your classroom management in a simple and easy-to-use app.

A flexible multi-device tool available on web version, tablets and smartphones.

Key features and advantages:
- Powerful digital gradebook.
- Lesson planner per sessions and curricular units with customized templates.
- Rubrics with the possibility of peer and self-assessment.
- Assessment based on skills and learning standards.
- Customized reports.
- Record of attendance, timetable, seating plan and calendar.
- Works offline on mobile devices.
- Integrated with Google Classroom and Microsoft for Education.
- Very easy to use and import data.
- Communication with students and their families.
- Compliant with EU GDPR laws.
- Export data to Excel and PDF.
- Organize and link resources in any format, even from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
- Calculate averages, round off grades and have more than 150 other features at hand for your daily classes.

Additio helps simplify your classroom management, organize lessons and collaborate with peers. It’s as easy to use as pen and paper and once you have started using it to organize your everyday life you will find yourself wondering how you managed to perform your teaching activities without it.

Available ADDITIO FOR SCHOOLS plan for schools with accounts and access for families, students and a management panel for administrators.
- Centralized school/learning center management
- Creation of multiple school reports (attendance, report cards, incidents, behaviour...)
- Share groups and data
- Communication platform with families and students

Discover the app for academic management that is used on a daily basis by more than 100,000 teachers in more than 20,000 schools and universities over 110 countries.

Check out our reviews and find out about our outstanding support system for teachers and managers, always rated with an average of +4/5.

In addition, you will be able to use the same app in web format from your personal computer and synchronize your data with your tablet and smartphone whenever internet connection is available. There is even an app available specifically for Chromebooks.

Additio has been created by a team that is dedicated 100% to generate free new updates. Any comment via the support link or our Twitter account (@additioapp) is more than welcome. :)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Additio?

Additio is a classroom management app that helps teachers plan and grade their students' work. It is available on web, tablets, and smartphones.

What are the key features of Additio?

Additio has a powerful digital gradebook, a lesson planner with customized templates, the ability to create rubrics for peer and self-assessment, assessment based on skills and learning standards, customized reports, attendance tracking, timetable and calendar management, offline functionality on mobile devices, integration with Google Classroom and Microsoft for Education, easy data import, communication with students and families, GDPR compliance, data export to Excel and PDF, resource organization and linking, and over 150 other features for daily classes.

How does Additio simplify classroom management?

Additio helps simplify classroom management by providing tools for grading, lesson planning, and collaboration with peers. It is as easy to use as pen and paper but offers additional features to streamline teaching activities.

Is Additio available for schools?

Yes, Additio offers an ADDITIO FOR SCHOOLS plan for schools that includes accounts and access for families, students, and administrators. It allows for centralized school management, creation of school reports, data sharing, and communication with families and students.

How many teachers and schools use Additio?

Additio is used by over 100,000 teachers in more than 20,000 schools and universities across 110 countries.

Is there customer support for Additio?

Yes, Additio offers an outstanding support system for teachers and managers. They have a support link and can be contacted via their Twitter account (@additioapp).

Can Additio be used on different devices?

Yes, Additio can be used on web, tablets, smartphones, and even Chromebooks. Data can be synchronized across devices when an internet connection is available.

Does Additio provide regular updates?

Yes, Additio is created by a dedicated team that generates free new updates for the app. User feedback is welcomed via the support link or their Twitter account.
Muy buen trabajo, y cada día mejor. Se nota que escuchan la peticiones de mejora de los usuarios. Echo en falta que las notas, o, por ejemplo, las rúbricas, se puedan descargar en formato de hoja de cálculo....
Jesús Murillo
Muhibullah Omari
A magnificent app. Easy to use. Versatile and a major pluspoint is that it can be used offline.
Gerald Plaatjies
Haven't had any probs with this app and it works offline. It's complementary to the Web version and very useful for exam results and attendance.
Bruce Tarlton
Still the best.
Steven Love
Ive been using this app since 2018 and i am pleased. Ive been searching for the best app that serve a specific purpose, and this app is the best. I did left a review when i used it for a couple of months but...
Hidayah Abdul Rahim