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About FaxReceive - receive fax phone

FaxReceive allows you to securely receive a fax or receive faxes directly to your phone or tablet with a temporary fax number on a pay per use basis.

FaxReceive lets the user that needs to occasionally receive a fax and doesn't want the hassle of owning a fax machine or paying for a fax line month after month do so in a quick and convenient fashion.

For users that want a permanent fax number for business reasons, we offer a one year receive fax option. When renewed, the fax number does not change.

The app let's you receive a fax anywhere you are rather than be tied to receiving a fax at a fixed location. It provides a secure method of receiving faxes - there is no chance your fax is read while sitting on some unguarded fax machine.

When you are ready to receive your sender's faxed document, FaxReceive lends you a temporary fax number for a period of time. You receive the use of an in-bound number based in the US for a period of time after which the number is no long valid. You provide the fax number to your sender and they fax the document during the time window you've purchased.

Fax transmission is secure so you (and the sender) don't have worry about being unwilling or unable to send to your actual location or the physical security at your fax.

If you need to occasionally received signed legal documents, hand written, hand notated documents or simple send a scan of something then this is the solution.

Temporary fax numbers are all in the US.

FaxReceive does not use your device, minutes or phone number to actually receive the in-bound fax. You must have an internet connection of some kind.

Your fax will be delivered directly to your Android device and will not pass through or be stored in your email account.

Faxes are provided in PDF format so you transfer them to a wide variety of applications. Direct Cloud Print support is provided so print your faxes where and when you want to.

Download FaxReceive and have it handy for when you need to receive a fax.

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Yesssssss so thankful save time and money
Rowena LyfeBlessing Still
Super easy for me and I am not computer literate the fax came through immediately
Susan Register
Needed to receive a fax with very little notice. Was worried because of mixed reviews. Didn't pay for my hour until I knew they were standing at the machine ready to send it. After 20 minutes, I was starting...
Tonya PedigoPrice