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A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+ Screenshot 0
A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+ Screenshot 1
A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+ Screenshot 2
A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+ Screenshot 3

About A2N Kernel Control Manager for S8 S8+ Plus Age 13+

Note: This App works only with A2N Kernel.
Please scroll down to "installation method" for more informations.

### App features ###
# Power
--> Charger Control: Adjust AC / USB-PD / Wireless / USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 / max Input Current in 100 mA Steps, Range: 200 - 3000/3500 mA (S8/S8+)
--> Fast (Wireless) Charging even with Screen ON (make sure to use an active cooling pad for Wireless)
--> Shows the actual,
accepted Charging (input) Current
input Voltage
Battery Temp in °C / °F
--> Battery care support (e.g. stop charging at 95 % to reduce battery capacity loss)
--> Battery idle feature (power supply your S8 over cable or wireless without to use the battery - useful for DeX or Gaming)
--> Ability to disable water detection if needed

# Audio
--> Volume + / - over the App - useful if the Hardware Buttons are broken

# Screen
--> Turn the Screen OFF over the App

--> OC Control:
--> BIG CPU: 741 - 2808 MHz
--> LITTLE CPU: 455 - 2002 MHz
--> Set max_freq for Screen OFF for both CPUs
--> BIG CPU Cool Freq (DVFS) - Ability to set higher Max Freq limit when the device is hot and should cool down, i.e. stock is 1469 MHz but you can set it to 1807 MHz or higher in order to avoid too big performance drops from thermal throttling
--> Check if BIG CPU Max Freq is actually throttled from thermal driver
--> CPUSET Control for both CPUs - allows you to disable unstable cores in order to get higher stable OC rate !

--> Freq Control:
--> Ability to reduce max_freq - Range 260 - 572 MHz
--> Ability to fully disable DVFS, i.e. no GPU performance drops at all while the device is getting hot (fail-safe)

# Hardcoded Performance Profiles
--> Powersave (UC)
--> Balanced (UC)
--> Performance (Kernel default)
--> Performance Plus / Gaming (OC)

--> Memory Management Control:
--> LMK - very easy and fail-safe method to adjust the amount of Free RAM - improving Multitasking. Range: 16 - 256 MB | Default: 64 MB
--> zRam - LZ4 compressed swap block-device in RAM (Multitasking) (25 %, 50 % or 75 % of the RAM Size)
--> Ability to drop all caches and buffers (to free some RAM)

# Network
--> Enable Kernel Support for Network File Systems: CIFS and NFS
--> TCP Congestion Algorithm (cubic, new reno, bic, westwood+)

# Misc
--> Flashlight Brightness Control - up to 3 times brighter than with Stock Kernel ! Range: 1 - 15 | Default: 5
--> Adjust LED-RGB blink delays (for missed notifications / low battery)
--> LED-RGB: Optimize RED GREEN and BLUE LED separately (higher brightness in the darkness)
--> Accelerometer Calibration

# Debug (in-App-menu)
--> Disable restoring of te settings on reboot - if you are not sure whether the settings are stable

For more details, please check the Screenshots.

### Installation Method ###
### Supported Models ###
--> G950F
--> G950FD
--> G950N
--> G955F
--> G955FD
--> G955N

Please search the Web for "A2N Kernel S8 XDA" and click on the first link "forum.xda ...."
Then scroll down to "Installation for normal People" and perform step-by-step in the right order.
There you will find also how to update to Android 9, if you have still Android 8 or 7.
Finally you can buy this App and use all premium features !

### App initialization ###
When you start this App for the first time it will ask for SuperUser permission, grant it.
To check if the App has proper SuperUser permission tap on "Screen" --> "Suspend", if the Screen turn OFF then everything is OK.
Otherwise all features marked with "root required" will silently fail to work.

Please don't forget to rate the App and to write a short Comment.
Many thanks for your Support!

### INFO ###
This App also requires (everytime you start the App) an internet connection for the license check.
Offline-Mode usage:
--> Press the "Home" key instead the "Back" key

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Please make it possible to use on custom roms like corvus, i am very grateful for ur work, without ur kernel my phone wouldnt fast charge at all for some reason. Can u recommend what setting i can use for be...
Pencilkiller 2727
I'm getting some graphical artefacts(when swit ching from multi task to home) right after switching the resolution to 2960x1440 in this kernel I tried lowering the GPU clock(trying it from highest to lowest)...
Paulus David
Great app. I just decided to use A2N since my USB port was broken. Nowadays I use wireless charge only i cannot find any other kernel that can adjust charging current on wireless charging. Until i tried this...