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About Music Theory PRO

This is an essential app for learning all the topics you will need for the Music Theory exams up to grade 5 of any of the major schools of music, such as ABRSM or Trinity

There is a quiz for each level including all the new terms not learned at the previous level. For this reason, we recommend you start at level 1 even if you are taking, for example grade 5.

In this pro version you get in addition to the foreign terms of the free version,

1. Quizzes include ALL the topics needed for each theory grade. This is about double the amount of possible questions available in our free version which only tests musical terms and signs

2. Quizzes extend to 20 questions per "game". Free version is 10 questions per game.

3. Ad Free!!

Each quiz takes a random selection of 20 words from the complete list for that level, and so each quiz is unique. The interface is simple and easy to use and you get a score at the end with the option to try again (with a new set of unique random questions). Again we recommend you do each level a few times before going on to the next, because each quiz only covers a selection of the whole list.

Good Luck and enjoy!!

Brilliant. It's just so easy to revise now. Any time, anywhere. Edited from here because I passed the ABRSM Grade 1 Piano Theory and Practice and gained Distinctions in both with the help of this app.
A Google user
It is a really helpful app with up to date content for the ABRSM Music Theory
Jenny Tonge
Useful app.
Supachai Rojanasiripong