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About Tehillim, Psalms, תהילים by Abraham’s Legacy

Tehillim at your fingertips. Complete the book of tehilim collectively with the global world by setting aside a meaningful minute every day to read a perek of תהילים‎.

Abraham’s Legacy is a unique Social Network for Prayers. Now you can easily and efficiently complete Tehillim - Psalms - תהילים in real time with people from around the world thousands of times a day with a click of a button.

App available in English, Hebrew, Spanish & French

When a person’s life hangs in the balance, every meaningful minute of prayer counts!

"Prayer is the service of the heart." ~Talmud

Tehillim by Abraham’s Legacy is the most efficient way to access Tehilim Anytime and provides the ease of having All of Your Daily תהילים - Psalms - תהילים needs in one place! Bring the transformative power of meaningful prayers into your daily prayers and torah learning. With Abraham’s Legacy you have Tehilim at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere, with no need to worry if you forgot a siddur or prayer book.

The Abraham’s Legacy Tehillim app was created completely l'shem shamayim to promote achdus (unity) in tefillah around the world.

Composed by King David, תהילים is a masterpiece of the neshama’s longing to connect with something greater than itself.

Never worry about breaking up the book of Tehilim - Psalms - תהילים again.

Simply tap to pray and Abraham’s Legacy will give you the next perek (chapter) in the global Tehilim count.

Recite your Daily Tehilim, Tikkun Haklali and have the option to read by chapter, by day, by month and by category. Tehillim by category includes: Tehillim 20 for the refuah shelema of someone you love, תהילים 23 for someone who passed, תהילים 114 for parnassah, Tehilim 90 for someone searching for their zivug. Whatever your situation, whatever inner connection you need to make - there’s a psalm for that and Abraham’s Legacy has got you covered!

Want to complete the book of Tehillim for a friend or loved one? Create a closed circle with an individual circle link you can use to invite others to join your circle. No need to distribute chapters on WhatsApp or check in to make sure people have completed their daily Tehilim.

Plus, chat privately with the members of your Tehillim circle keeping them in the loop about important details and updates about the person you are praying for.

*Features also include*

> Read Tehillim Anytime with people from across the globe in English, Hebrew, Espanol, en Francais

> Real-time stats showing chapters read, books completed, people reading and countries reading תהילים.

> Create Individual Tehilim Circles to pray for a specific person.

> Set daily reminders to recite Tehilim - תהילים and set aside a meaningful minute to engage in prayers

> Track your stats

> Global Leaderboard: see who has read Tehillim the most daily and weekly around the world

> Verses by Name: Recite perakim of Tehillim - Psalms - תהילים based on a person's name from תהילים 119

> Sponsor a perek of Tehilim for a Loved One

Infuse meaning into your Daily Prayers, as the Talmud states, "Prayer without intention is like a body without a soul." ~Mishna

Tehillim, the Book of Psalms, is an incredible work of inspiration composed by King David that is known to give expression to any emotion, remove any barrier, and elevate any heart.

As it states in the Torah, "The gates of prayer are never closed. " ~Deuteronomy. "If a man sees that his prayer was not granted, let him pray again!" ~Talmud

Rav Menachem Schneerson stated, "Man can never be happy if he does not nourish his soul as he does his body."

Rav Nachman of Breslev states, "Prayers truly from the heart open all the doors in Heaven."

The third Lubavitcher Rav once said, “If you only knew the power of Tehillim, you would say them all day.” Although “all day” may be unrealistic, a meaningful minute is in your reach. By reading just one chapter a day you have the merit of being part of completing the entire prayer book!

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I am very grateful for Abraham's Legacy. I try to read Tehilim 10 minutes a day and Abraham's Legacy - especially the dedications - makes it easy and accessible to do a mitzvah for someone else. Thank you!
Maia Hoffman
Fabulous!!! Beyond words.
Lorika Kodet
Miriam Camero
Love it keeps me going to the psalms which I love
patrick bracken
I use every day. Thanks for a great app🤗
Meirs Lee
I love this app. It has a beautiful, meaningful English translation. I am reading Tehillim more now. This app provides easy access to a wonderful mitzvah - to keep Hashem before us at all times. Also seeing ...
pollie toren