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About Better Open With

With so many cool Android apps, Better Open With saves you the hassle of having to choose only one default app handler when you click a filetype, and without having to choose between "only once" and "always"!

Created to mimic Android's default "Complete action using" dialog, Better Open With shows you a visually similar popup screen when you choose to open a link, an image, a PDF or any other filetype - listing all possible app handlers as you normally see.

What's different is that you only see the popup dialogue for a few seconds (5 seconds by default, but customizable), allowing you to choose an app handler if you want, after which it will automagically open it with your preferred app!

Unlike other similar apps, you just wait for your preferred app handler to launch (no clicks necessary), or choose a different app in the meantime. Just set Better Open With as your default handler for the filetypes you want, and let it work for you!

Personalize how you want to view the Better Open With popup screen!

• Choose between grid and list view

• Set text size, show only icon (no text) and other options

• Light and Dark themes available

• more options to follow!

Better Open With is handy if:

• you switch between browsers, but usually have one preferred app;

• you prefer using one app to view your PDFs, photos and other files, but sometimes use another app to edit them;

• you usually want video links to open with a player, but sometimes you want to open them with an app that lets you download the file, and maybe yet another that will Chromecast it;

Better Open With is completely free, and no ads! No permissions requested!

It started off as a little side project, inspired by a reddit post by reddit's oroboros74 at Since we think others might enjoy it, we're making it available to everyone!

Future releases will include:

• support for more filetypes!

• sort apps in list (alphabetical-default, manual, chronological)

• create "sessions", allowing to choose a different, temporary preferred app (for next X clicks, next X minutes)

• translations (translators wanted!)

• suggestions from you, the user!

Email the developer at [email protected] if you have any question, suggestion or want to contribute.

Suggest new features or vote for existing suggestions at

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Very impressed. I tested the program and contacted the author after having a minor issue. Program has since been updated and works great! Thanks for the effort to take care of the program.
Devon Janitz
Dev should set up donations thru Google cause this app has helped simplify preferences w/continued support for so many of us for so long for free, he deserves a coffee. 👍👍🤜🤛
BigRayy1 #Rap
Great tool, an absolute must for serious users. Worth every bye of space in your memory.
Wolfgang Siebeck
Great app, great developer! Thanks for the update. A nice suprise.
Doug Nobiletti
Usefull app
Edgardo Baron
Great application. I have been using it for years. The developer promptly fixed problem I had. I have donated for future development (not that I would specifically miss something, but I would at least like t...
Peter Johnson