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About 60 Hertz O&M

60Hertz is a mobile-first operations and maintenance software platform designed specifically to work in remote and rugged environments. Armed with smart syncing algorithms, we create a seamless connection between the number-crunchers and the wrench-turners in your organization to get work done. Flexible forms and workflows ensure that the platform meets the specific and complex needs of your company while multi-language support and visual cues ensures that everyone on your team can participate fully.

Mobile app: The mobile app is easy to use for field techs on the job:
- Larger buttons and form fields to make navigation easier
- Light and dark mode to ensure the screen and the job are visible whether out in the field or inside a power house
- In-form diagrams, schematics, and guidance just one tap away for quick reference
- Offline and real-time data validation to catch any “fat finger” moments
- System for attaching photos and notes to send to co-workers

Whether technicians are doing routine maintenance, troubleshooting a piece of equipment, or fixing an asset, the 60Hertz platform ensures they are equipped for the job.

The 60Hertz mobile app pairs with our web portal and designer where administrators, supervisors, and department heads can set-up forms and workflows. Data and information that are collected in the field are organized for easy viewing and analysis. For more information on the 60Hertz platform, please visit

Thank you for your help you know what it's been a blessing Ever After you make is it a time that you spent on us thank you
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