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About Strobe Tuner Pro

Strobe Tuner Pro is the only tuner that shows the real stroboscopic effect on your device. It is extremely accurate, suitable for guitar, violin, bass, ukulele, viola, cello or banjo. By purchasing it, you can save hundreds of dollars for a physical strobe tuner.

Professionals appreciate the Strobe Tuner Pro's accuracy, beginners quickly learn to tune instruments properly. Strobe Tuner Pro is easy to use thanks to an additional chromatic tuner that helps you when your instrument is way out of tune.

The chromatic and strobe tuners are independent, but both use the same input from the built-in microphone of your phone or tablet for their advanced algorithms.

Chromatic tuner

The chromatic tuner accurately detects the frequency of the tone played on your instrument, and shows it on the chromatic scale. The target strings are highlighted on the scale, and you can see how far is the tone from being in tune. When you get close enough, you can use the strobe tuner for fine tuning.

Strobe tuner

When the pattern is rotating to the right, it means the tone is too high, and you need to tune down. When it is rotating to the left, just tune up. The slower the pattern moves, the better is your instrument tuned.

If you are in doubt how to use the tuner, please read the built-in help, and see the examples of the tuning process.

The algorithms of both tuners are independent - the chromatic tuner uses the Fast Fourier Transformation, but the algorithm in the strobe tuner is much closer to what you can find in oscilloscopes, and is computed directly on the GPU of your phone or tablet.

Tuning by ear

You can also play the reference tones using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The tone is synthesized, and respects the setting of the concert pitch.


The tuner has been tested with many guitars, violins, basses, ukuleles, violas, cellos and banjos, and we constantly grow our test coverage with new recordings of the instruments. You can switch between the guitar and the violin tuning in the settings.


• Professional guitar tuner
• Other instruments: Violin, bass, ukulele, viola, cello, banjo
• Manual mode that works exactly as a physical strobe tuner
• Suitable for beginners too
• Awesome precision
• Advanced noise cancellation - works even with a metronome on
• The most favorite alternate guitar, ukulele and banjo tunings
• Easy to use
• Extreme accuracy
• Plays reference tones
• First-start tutorial to understand the usage
• Built-in help to understand the app better
• Two independent tuning algorithms: chromatic tuner using the Fourier transformation and strobe tuner emulating the stroboscopic effect
• Quick, precise, and accurate tuner
• Concert pitch frequency setting
• Note naming: English, European, Solmization
• Equal temperament
• Quick access to settings to switch between instruments
• Tested with many instruments, recorded for use in a test suite that is regularly run before releases

Strobe Tuner Pro is ideal for all violins, guitars, basses, ukuleles, violas, cellos and banjos. You will absolutely love the sound of your instrument, and the music you play!

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This is tbe best tuner I've used to date. I have tried at least 6 others and this is hands down the easiest and most accurate one yet.
John Nickol
Friggin awesome!! Buy the pro version. Cheap but worth more. Doesn't take up a lot of memory either. I just wish it had a built in metronome. Being able to change the colors would be really nice too. If it c...
John Pearson
Absolutely love it I used to have to pay at 80 bucks once or twice a year to take my return to the shop and have it strobe now I give it for free on my phone give it a shot by yourself bobby hash ,guitar pro.
Robert hash
Hoping to use this to regulate my wife's pedal harps. Haven't had a chance to use it in anger yet, but so far It seems to work much better than standard tuners, not quite a Petersen or strobotune though. The...
Ernest Clegthorpe
This app just replaced a Korg chromatic tuner from way back. No problems with the tune by ear buttons on an old Samsung S7. Add a metronome and happy happy joy joy!
Richard Emerson
Very good App
enrico ali lachica