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About Change Photo Background

'Change Photo Background' is a powerful photo editing tool to change pictures background.

Change Photo Background uses a strong 'AI (Artificial Intelligence) Color Detection Algorithm' to Auto erase photo's background precisely thus making your photo looks more realistic on other backgrounds.

Change Photo Background Editor is a complete photo editing tool for all your photo background erasing and photo background changing needs. This photo editor comes with many professional tools like:

1: Auto Erase
- One Touch Background Removal

2: Manual Erase
- Finger Rub Background Removal

3: Extract Eraser (Cut Photos Inside OR Cut Photos Outside)
- Area Selection Background Removal

4: Restore
- Finger Rub Background Retrieval

5: Undo, Redo & Zoom
- For accurate result

6: Smooth
- Smooth edges of the cut out pics

7: Photo Background Changer
- Photo Background Changer also provides many HD backgrounds to change your photo's background or you can choose your own background from gallery & camera.


****** Picture Selection
- Select picture from your gallery or capture new one from camera

***** Erase Tools
- Select AUTO, MANUAL, EXTRACT erase tool to erase background

***** Accurate Result Tools
- Select RESTORE, UNDO, REDO, ZOOM option for precise cutting

***** Feather Tools
- Apply feather to make photos look more realistic on other backgrounds.

***** Backgrounds
- Select HD backgrounds or use your own from camera and gallery

***** Save Options
- Save your erased photos in JPG or PNG format

***** Share Options
- Share your creations on any social networking platform directly from the app.

Ideal for: Cut Paste Photos, Face Swap, Photo Editing, Photo Background Changer, Photo Background Eraser, Copy Paste Photos.

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