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About Wisdom: The World of Emotions

By playing Wisdom, thousands of kids ages 4-8 better manage their emotions and relationships. This fun Social Emotional Learning game with AR includes amazing new features for home & school! Access free content now!

Wisdom coaches all kids to build positive relationships, empathy, and mindfulness. Kids love playing our engaging games and experiencing Augmented Reality, at home and at school! Educators can access 300+ SEL teaching resources, including lesson plans, printable worksheets, ready-to-use slides, and hands-on activities. Families can create and a beautifully illustrated book, customized for their child!

Join Wisdom on a journey to help the Kingdom's citizens better manage their emotions!

Wisdom supports all children to develop a strong emotional foundation so they continue to thrive. Ad-free, COPPA, FERPA, GDPR compliant.

Comprehensive SEL activities

By playing Wisdom, kids will be able to:
• focus better on learning, with Augmented Reality breathing and mindfulness
• identify emotions
• express how they feel by learning new vocabulary
• resolve conflicts effectively
• regulate their emotions healthily
• make responsible decisions


Wisdom is effective with all students ages 4-8, including students with special needs, gifted and talented. A Randomized Control Trial Study demonstrated significant improvement on children's self-regulation and focus.

Teacher and Kid Approved

“I loved playing the games. You can help the angry person in the game with a superpower to help them feel happy again.” Hadrien Gallagher, 1st grader

“Augmented Reality is so much fun, I loved the glitter jar! It helped me feel calmer.” Mia Brunswick, 2nd grader

“Some students abruptly do things - they storm out and slam doors. Wisdom helped them recognize the triggers and identify that an emotion was happening. It gave them the words to describe it.” Ms. Walker, Mental Health Counselor

"While we use many resources with our students, Wisdom was the one they engaged the most with. Talking about when they are angry when they are not angry was very beneficial. We planned for how they could react next time." Ms. Thapa, Special Education Support Teacher

There are 2 versions of Wisdom, accessible through this app:


Support your child's emotional growth with Wisdom, the most engaging and fun evidence-based game that will help your child build positive relationships, make responsible decisions, regulate emotions healthily and better focus on learning.

Your child can play independently throughout the game. By answering a series of questions together, you can create and order a customized book for your child. Reading this beautifully illustrated customized book together will be a powerful way to celebrate and revisit the learning, and help them prepare for their next big emotion.

“Laura loves her personalized book! It was so much fun creating it together!” Jennifer Curtis


Wisdom engages your pre-K-2nd grade students like never before! An adaptive SEL game, Wisdom focuses on CASEL's five core SEL competencies: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management. Develop your students' social emotional skills with the only evidence-based social emotional learning program that combines digital & hands-on play with 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose your lesson plan and theme of the day
Step 2. Let your students play for 10-min on their tablet
Step 3. Lead a 20-min hands-on activity where your students practice the skills learned.

Available for individual, small groups and whole-class instruction.

For school-wide licenses, visit:

Contact [email protected] or call +1-888-258-73-58

IG, FB: @BKidsEdu

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What age group is Wisdom designed for?

Wisdom is designed for kids ages 4-8.

What skills does Wisdom help kids develop?

Wisdom helps kids develop positive relationships, empathy, mindfulness, and emotional regulation skills.

What resources are available for educators?

Educators can access 300+ SEL teaching resources, including lesson plans, printable worksheets, ready-to-use slides, and hands-on activities.

Can Wisdom be used by students with special needs?

Yes, Wisdom is effective with all students ages 4-8, including students with special needs.

What is the evidence of Wisdom's effectiveness?

A Randomized Control Trial Study demonstrated significant improvement in children's self-regulation and focus.

How does Wisdom engage students?

Wisdom engages students through its interactive games and Augmented Reality features.

How can parents support their child's emotional growth with Wisdom?

Parents can support their child's emotional growth by playing Wisdom together and creating a customized book based on their child's answers.

How can educators incorporate Wisdom into their teaching?

Educators can incorporate Wisdom into their teaching by using the provided lesson plans, letting students play the game on their tablets, and leading hands-on activities to practice the skills learned.

How can schools obtain a license for Wisdom?

Schools can obtain a school-wide license for Wisdom by visiting the website provided.

How can I contact Better Kids Education for questions?

You can contact Better Kids Education by emailing [email protected] or calling +1-888-258-73-58.
Wonderful, engaging activities for kids. Hours and hours alone or together.
Michael Carter
What a beautiful app, filled with insight and, yes, wisdom on emotional intelligence. While it's mostly geared at children, I know even adults would benefit!
Teymour Shahabi
Great game I used with my son to help him calm down 😃 You even can have a book once you've done all the interviews!
My nephew loves the games and being with Wisdom.
Catherine Carter