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About Friday Funny Mod Whitty FNF

Friday Funny Mod Whitty FNF is a simple yet addicting app. This is an add-on mod to the popular Friday Night Funkin game.

In this FNF mod, you have to play as Whitty, a humanoid character created in an incubator. This is not a simple character, as losing his composure, he completely changes his color.

Your task is to create a unique remix using the Friday Funny Mod Whitty FNF app. Using only 4 buttons and 1 minute, you have to create a future hit.
Compete with your friends, it's always fun.

Leave all your wishes in the reviews for this application, I will try to do my best.
Mod Whitty Friday Night Funkin is always fun!

Good game to make lyrics
Sisir Rai