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About Magical Paws 2

Two years after the events of the Magical Paws 1, Hikari reunites again with the three cards, but she can't remember them.
However, a mysterious person shows her a great amount of new cards and asks her to help him in a task that only she can do.
Will she succeed? Will she remember Ren, Toshio, and Hiroshi if she does it?
Maybe she will find something else that just friendship with these new cards...

:: Important! ::
- It's neccesary to play the "Magical Paws 1" app to understand and enjoy this story.
- The story continues from the neutral ending of any of the three routes in the last game.
- There are more than 10 new routes to play.
- The game is episodic. Follow us in our social media and websites to get all the latest info on new releases!


From Visuki we create stories that can not only focus on romance, but also give warm messages to never give up.

We want you to be able to get something more than just a love story. We want you to be able to identify yourself with a protagonist who, despite the difficulties, can always find a way to move forward.


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I have played the first game and started this one but the last game I chose the rabbit card and I broke the seal and the rabbit card could stay as a human, it would have been nice if when you started the sec...
Bethany Hildebrand
Edit: Welp thanks For the Help developers!
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