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About Beat Machine - Audio Sequencer

The Vaytricks Beat Machine is a completely modular application for making music beats. With it you can effortlessly compose full length songs and then modify and control every aspect to easily produce audio sequences.

The Vaytricks Beat Machine's features include

- Auto generation of patterns for many different music genres
- Sequentially organize patterns into full length songs
- Use the default samples or import your own
- Export full length songs into lossless Wav files
- Full file I/O system to manage projects and files
- Audio visualizer
- Complete audio effects panel to further customize the sound
- Project Saving and Undo
- Audio output and microphone recording options
- Waveform Editing
- Modular flexible design
- Easy Sharing

The Vaytricks Beat Machine was built to allow music sequencing to be easy to understand while also being powerful. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to what you can make.

It so amazing beat
Velani Velly
Coolest game but when you play all the music makers many times you get explodeing head syndrome
Great interface, intuitive and fast. Sounds are worth picking up too!
Brad Lybrook