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About Love Horoscope & Zodiac Compatibility

Daily Love Horoscope 2020 – The most sensational love astrology app on Android!

This is a 100% free astrology guide on LIFE, LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS for 2020. What do the stars plan for your zodiac sign today or tomorrow ? What can a zodiac love test reveal about the compatibility of your couple?


Every movement of the celestial signs cycle impacts our daily life. Daily astrology forecast provides you with the accurate horoscope of love and relationships for all star signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Which two signs are the best couple? Accurate love calculator will show the greatest match!

Zodiac Astrology Horoscope and Fortune Teller

Get your personal predictions of future Love, Life and Health according to your zodiac sign along with today’s horoscope. Find out right now what the future holds for you and your closest ones. The most reliable astrology chart is already analyzed and summarized for your convenience.
* Learn funny quotes with Love Fortune Cookies:

“Mumps, measles, and puppy love are terrible after twenty” — Mignon McLaughlin, 1960

Compatibility Horoscope

Astrology and horoscopes are always useful when you’re dating. Try our compatibility test for couples zodiac signs to unravel the mystery of your romance. Discover how compatible are you with your boyfriend. Check compatibility with your fiancé if you’re interested in horoscope matching for marriage. Evaluate the possible outcomes.

* Capricorn + Scorpio *
When Scorpio and Capricorn make a love match, they get an opportunity to not only enjoy a loving relationship and learn the value of being a pair, but also to grow and mature as individuals… Download and find out more about this union 😉

Offline use

This is the first love horoscope app that allows you to read all the predictions without an Internet connection! Free horoscope is automatically downloaded when connected and then you can read it at any time even with no WiFi. Astrology and horoscope of love have never been so accessible!


♥ Free Horoscope app for all 12 zodiac signs for 2020
♥ Beautiful and convenient design
♥ Daily love horoscopes automatically update every day, monthly and yearly
♥ Zodiac love compatibility horoscope: matches between zodiac signs
♥ Horoscope of marriage life, love or any relationship horoscope
♥ Plan tomorrow with the precise predictions
♥ Read daily a new love fortune cookie along with your horoscope
♥ Store horoscope for offline use
♥ Personalize Daily Horoscope 2020 with your name and zodiac sign

How does the universe affect your love life? Daily horoscope of love shows you how to make fun in love and build long-lasting romantic relationships with a partner, while compatibility test indicates your chances with a potential lover. If you’re still alone, this true horoscope app can hint you how to find and choose your soulmate.

Love Horoscope & Zodiac Compatibility is considered by many users one of the best love horoscope apps FREE of charge in Google Play Store! It’s accurate, concise and informative. Check it yourself!

guy goodine
Very good and informative free app
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Bee Ehsan
Daily horoscope prediction it's very good
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Love it
Irma Luviano