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About FNF music battle: Shaggy vs BF

Come back to your childhood with Shaggy and Scooby Doo when you join this Funkin game. Friday night, you don’t understand why Shaggy appears there. He willing to join a Funkin music battle with you and your Girlfriend even Scooby Doo is getting lost. Then, he’ll show you the way music heals a life.
You just need to tap the arrow when they perfectly match to get the highest score as much as you can. Feel Funkin rhythms! Dance with cg5!

Special feature after unlocking all songs:
Play offline anywhere.
Full weeks, full songs.
Update new enemies (like whitty, shaggy, garcello, miku, hex, sky, ugh, and savente)
Update new mods and new features frequently.

Have fun with this game!
And enjoy this music battle!

I love it!!!!
Dante Barba *
i love it finaly i can play shaggy mod on my phone and it dosnt have the 6 or nine note nonsense 10/1
Luca Coles
It is so hard
Bwi Supershuttle