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About Montréal en Histoires

Roam the streets of Montreal with this application to immerse yourself in the city’s history, with over 60 unique items to discover (points of interest and augmented reality segments).

At night, enjoy Cité Mémoire’s twenty different projected tableaux created by Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard.

Cité Mémoire is a poetic creation inspired by the history of Montreal. It will lead you to fascinating encounters with both unknown and famous personalities who bring to life the richness and complexity of Montreal through time.

Before your visit, download this application and its content (in whole, or one circuit at a time).

• Have your headphones handy and a fully-charged device (mobile phone or tablet) for the best experience
• Techno-historic tours for daytime or nighttime, depending on your availability
• Soundtrack for Cité Mémoire installations and historical content associated with each one
• Free Wi-Fi zone
• Choice of four languages (installed in the language of your device): French, English, Spanish, and Mandarin
• Detailed, geolocalized map
• Signage in the city to help you get your bearings

Fantastic, it was one of many highlights on our visit. I have never seen anything like it.
Brent Biro
Aesthetic is great, very functional. Only thing is I wish there was a legend for what the symbols on the map mean.
Mel Tamporello
An incredible feat of technology. With out a doubt, one of the greatest tourist experiences of my life. This app will take you places and teach you things you never expected. The app can be buggy and difficu...
Jason Boere