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About Swiss Snow Report

Call up the current snow and weather conditions in your favourite Swiss ski resorts or discover new destinations with ideal conditions for your winter hobby.

The Swiss Snow Report App from Switzerland Tourism includes snow and facilities information for more than 250 Swiss winter resorts. Updated several times a day, the extensive database provides detailed information about the following winter sports: skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging and winter hiking.

Where can I find the best snow and weather conditions? Which resorts have the most facilities open? Which sports can I enjoy at each destination? Where should I plan my next day trip?

The Snow Report App from Switzerland Tourism helps you find the answers to these and many other questions with ease. It also includes the following the new features:

• Easier, faster handling thanks to an intuitive navigation concept
• Compare favourites using simple swipe gestures
• Smartwatch support: take the main snow and weather data for your favourites with you wherever you go
• Compare destinations using webcam images – now also available straight from the list view
• Integrated 7-day weather forecast from SRF Meteo – ideal to help you plan your next weekend trip
• Direct search for winter resorts with ideal conditions for your winter sport

Do you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for improvement? Contact us at [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What information does the Swiss Snow Report App provide?

The Swiss Snow Report App provides snow and facilities information for over 250 Swiss winter resorts, including details about skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging, and winter hiking.

How can the Snow Report App help me plan my next trip?

The Snow Report App can help you find the best snow and weather conditions, determine which resorts have the most facilities open, and decide which sports you can enjoy at each destination. It also includes features such as comparing favorites, smartwatch support, webcam images of destinations, and a 7-day weather forecast.

Where can I download the Snow Report App?

The Snow Report App can be downloaded from Switzerland Tourism's website or through app stores for mobile devices.

How can I contact the Snow Report App team for questions or suggestions?

You can contact the Snow Report App team by emailing them at [email protected].

What are the social media channels to follow for updates from Switzerland Tourism?

You can follow Switzerland Tourism on their website, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and information.
Very easy to use
Clemens Krüger
Does the job simply and well.
Didier Maillat
Nice interface with photos. Most importantly it gives up to date and accurate ski and snow conditions throughout 🇨🇭. Thx
XinJia Po
Good for checking snow conditions in Switzerland
Jan Jemioło
Great information available at one place
Priya Agrawal
Sehr gut!
Jelena Stojanovic