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About Disc Brick

Relax with this beautiful and simple time-passing game.

Collect discs and break bricks; see how far you can go without letting a brick hit the red line! It's harder than it looks...

Angle the throw of your disc so that you bounce off of as many bricks as possible before it comes back. With each new row, the bricks get harder to break, but you can collect more discs as you go.

Sometimes, power-ups may appear! Collect them and use them later to get out of a tight spot!

No ads, great little game. Been playing it since January and haven't stopped. High score of 197 probably says how much I play this game, that was completely free without any ads, mind you.
Jared Ridge
Great simple puzzle game. The fact that i can play it offline is very much appreciated.
Great simple game.
Kevin Desai