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About Great Stairs: Run Jump Shooter


Great Stairs is a new kind of RPG platformer!

The rules are simple: take a gun, run, jump and shoot enemies, monsters and bosses to reach the final stair. Portal leads to other worlds! If you lose - go back to your sky island and upgrade your character. Now your hero is ready for a new try!

If you're a casual player - play like an archer: jump carefully, use platforms, avoid traps and shoot enemies from a distance. And if you love hardcore games - try platformer challenges and jump from bullets. Upgrade skills to beat the boss and move to a new level!


High in the clouds the Great Staircase rises through the worlds. It is said that the gods themselves sat on their magnificent thrones up there on the top.

But now the peace is broken! The Stairs are full of dangers and traps, and hazardous monsters are descending. And the Chosen Hero from another world must reach the top and restore order.

Try your hand at a new arcade adventure RPG: improve your skills, gather friends and jump to the top!


- Unique arcade controls - perform awesome jumps and stunts with a single swipe!
- Jump up the procedurally generated Stairs full of dangers and enemies.
- Various skills that will make each playthrough unique;
- Roguelite game cycle: run, jump, shoot, die, repeat!
- Collect dozens of unique weapons;
- Upgrade cute characters;
- Get to the top of the Great Stairs.

Your adventure starts here!

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Cool game🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍
Loved this game! Can't wait for new content!!!
Digger Dugahole
Make ads for stuff work and ... give me money cuzz I'm big fan of game 🥰
Liam Sawyer