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About Meteor Run

Think two minutes isn't long? You might even think it's easy to hit two minutes, so know that Meteor Run will prove you wrong. Meteor Run is a very simple game. Indeed, you only have to dodge meteorites aboard your spaceship, but be careful, the more time passes, the more meteorites will fall faster. Thanks to the tactile touches that Meteor Run has, dodging meteorites will only be easier. But I'm warning you now, surviving two minutes without getting hit once will take practice, so be strong and don't give up. You just reached your high score and it's so close to two minutes, but unfortunately a meteorite just hit you and you lose your life. Don't worry, because thanks to the second chance buttons that will appear in front of you, you can come back to life and continue where you left off. In addition to this, you will benefit from a gain of three seconds of invincibility which will allow you to pass the meteorites without you having to worry, but that's not all, because those three seconds will also be added to your score, giving you a better chance of finishing the game.You are probably wondering what will happen after reaching the two minutes. Will there be a surprise, a gift or perhaps the answer to all your desires? But to unveil this mystery the only thing you have to do is play and find the answer to this riddle yourself! You have just finished downloading Meteor Run and you find yourself faced with a panel that invites you to start the game, the only thing you have to do is press the Play button. After this maneuver you will find yourself diving into the heart of the action and that without wasting time. Your mission you already know and it is simple, survive by having obtained a better score of two minutes. after each of your deaths you will be automatically redirected to the start of the game where again meteorites will fall on you, but at a moderate speed. Do not hesitate to increase the volume of your device to enjoy the melody that accompanies the game or to decrease it if you want more calm. The background available to you is quite simple, but very well constructed. You will have the chance to explore it thanks to the light of your spaceship, but do not lose your concentration too much, at the risk of being caught by meteorites. From start to finish, the game runs quite smoothly. We are in space a few kilometers from our dear planet earth. Your progress in this game will be calculated from time and your high score will always be noted even after exiting the game, so you can always have a time indication each time you come to play that will push you to do better than the last time . Downloading this game is anything but a waste of time, because the more you play it, the more your reflexes will improve. This easy to play game whose goal is to survive two minutes against falling meteorites will delight everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, as I hope you will .

It was fun but it's hard because i keep losing huhu
Cindy Descartin