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About 3Dim Capture - 3D Scanner

3Dim Capture app turns your phone into a 3D scanner. Supports creating 3D models of large spaces - entire buildings or whole city streets. Works with all recent phones with a camera, no advanced sensors required.

- Make accurate 3D point cloud models of buildings, other objects or large outdoor spaces.
- Use 3Dim model viewer to take measurements or download the 3D point cloud models for use in CAD software.

Try it out now for free!

Check out the amazing large scale and accurate 3D point clouds you can capture with this app:

What is this app useful for?
Perfect for re-design works, planning and construction. Ideally suited for architects doing feasibility studies or home-owners planning renovative works. 3Dim Capture can save you from spending hours on taking measurements and drawing up models. Now you can use just your phone to create 3D point cloud models - no need for hiring expensive equipment (e.g. LiDAR) or survey services.

How easy is this app to use?
3D scanning with 3Dim Capture is very quick. In just 20 seconds you can capture the whole facade of a building. Scanning a whole detached house in high detail will only take 2-3 minutes and you will have the 3D point cloud model of the whole building. Just try it out on your next project and you'll see how much time you can save by doing 3D scanning with your phone.

Follow these steps to get a 3D point cloud model of your house in a few minutes with just your smartphone:
1 - Download 3Dim Capture app for free and start a new 3D scan.
2 - Follow on-screen Augmented Reality guidance as you walk around filming your house.
3 - Hit the "Send" button in the 3D scan page in the app to make a 3D point cloud model using 3Dim Cloud.
4 - Follow the link in the notification email to access your 3D point cloud model on 3Dim Cloud.
5 - In the 3Dim model viewer, you can visualize the 3D point cloud model, take accurate measurements for planning or architecture projects.
6 - Download the 3D point cloud model of your 3D scan for use in other software (CAD).

Start out with short scans to quickly see what you can do with this new 3D scanning app. Processing of short scans is free on the 3Dim Cloud!

Keep up the good work! Very interesting app, however on the Pocophone F1 (which is supported according to your website) i get stuck to 100% when uploading and also I am not sure where I am supposed to downlo...
Nicola Debiasi