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About FNF Sky Funkin music mod

Friday night, you have to join a music battle with a strange girl. That girl has affection to you even know you’re in a serious relationship. She even has bad-mouthed to your Girlfriend.
You better should practice for your finger to beat her and protect this relationship.
Let’s use arrows up, down, right, and left to get the highest score points by making them perfectly match. Feel the music and rock the beat. Dance with cg5 and Funkin rhythm!
There are tons of enemies like whitty, hex, sky, tricky, bside, savente in this game.
Have fun! And enjoy favorite songs!
Ugh? Don’t forget!
This game does no need wifi, play offline.
Full 7 weeks with over 6 mods.
Update new mods, new features frequently.

Is a nice app
Sophea Ashley Gallena
Pls add FNF vs impostor pls 🥺
XD RedBrine And SteveBrine
I like this up because it's so so awesome i want to try it so now
Wilberto Lim