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About Zoo Guardians

Build, customize, and expand your own zoo while having fun caring for exotic animals!

The endangered animals of the world need your help! BUILD the perfect zoo while CARING for, FEEDING and SAVING animals, all through the lens of Smithsonian wildlife conservation and exploring the simulation of a real live zoo.

• Build and Customize Your Own Zoo – Who says you have to be a tycoon to build your own zoo?! Become the ultimate zoo architect by placing habitats and choosing from 8 different biomes: Polar, Savanna, Tropical, Mountain, Temperate, Prairie, Wetlands, or Desert. Decide which animals to place in each habitat and then invite visitors to come learn about your animals!

• Care for Your Animals – Put your zookeeper skills to the test by unlocking, adopting and caring for over 58 endangered species, including cheetahs, elephants, birds, tigers, pandas, rhinos and more! Keep your animals happy by cleaning their habitats, feeding them, and treating them to enrichment items.

• Collect “Fun Fact Cards” – A zoo simulation with an educational twist! Earn Fun Fact Cards for each of your animals by giving them proper care. With up to 15 Fun Facts per card, discover your animals’ preferences, as well as what they need to survive.

• Interact in Augmented Reality - Become the ultimate zoologist by interacting with animals in your own world via augmented reality! Learn about their fight or flight tendencies, feed them their preferred foods, and photograph their behaviors for study.

• Level Up Your Zoo IQ – Increase your zoology knowledge by completing daily quests, contributing to World Watch missions and earning daily rewards!

• Save the Animals - Fight global extinction by nurturing your animals to peak wellness and preparing them for relocation back into the wild using techniques you learn from your Smithsonian mentor. Step up as a fearless conservationist and defend the planet against the villains that threaten animal extinction!

Become a conservation hero today - Download Zoo Guardians for free to get started!

I like this game because I love animals and I want to be a zoo caper
Hibo Saako
Good app
Barmi Bazar
Love it
Bernard Adams
5 stars now bc the crashing issue is fixed! Anyway great game :3
Jade Buck
Best game ever
Ashley Wilson
Is the update out?
nii -chan