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About Frog's Princess

This is a big app! It takes 3 hours to play it once.

In a kingdom surrounded by evil, a young princess strives to save her kingdom but a frog prince on a quest to rescue his bodyguard overturns all her plans.

Rescue Iron Henry and save the kingdom of Kassel in this 2D click-through movie-length children's story.

No ads, no in-app purchases, no links.

Filled with humour, strong characters, ethical questions, poignant moments, and beautiful evocative music, Frog's Princess is a story for which you can make different heroes. Choose from 10 speeches each time the prince and princess speak: traditional, idealistic, kind, charming, artistic, intellectual, protective, fun, commanding, or peaceable.

* Follow the linear story - everybody saves the kingdom - some just do it in a more comical way than others
* Design your prince and princess
* Change their personalities by choosing what they say
* Experience voice acting, music, sound effects, text, and visual effects
* Save different versions of your storybook
* Supported by educational material on the Joy-Everafter website
* Accessible to players with vision impairment
* Accessible to players with hearing impairment
* Cancer battlers can choose bald heroes
* Neurodiverse hero has ADHD
* US/UK spelling

Girls can be powerful. Boys can be sensitive. Who knew?

Prince Francis travels to the kingdom of Kassel with Iron Henry, the best soldier in the land. Iron Henry braves three iron bands around his heart protecting Francis from a witch. Now Francis is a frog, and desperate to get a princess to kiss him so he can turn back into a prince and save Henry.

In the meantime, Princess Emma dresses in her dead mother's clothes to try to use the Golden Orb to call for help. Her elder sister is clever and kind. Her second sister is brave and beautiful. They tell Emma she can’t stop evil surrounding the kingdom, even though Emma is a True Princess and has golden magic.

Emma steals the Golden Orb but Frog, fleeing the witch, makes her drop it in the well. He promises he’ll get it back for her for a kiss. Emma refuses to kiss a frog because if she does, she will have to marry him. So Francis tricks her into accepting him as her pet. Then Francis shows he really is a prince, and since Emma has promised to let him in her room, she will have to marry him. So she might as well kiss him now! Emma runs away and Francis decides to try the other princesses.

Even if Frog gets his kiss, he and Emma will still have to rescue Henry, and confront the witch of the woods.

When you begin, you will be asked to choose the story from the princess’s or the frog’s point of view. You can play both storylines as often as you like. Each version is saved automatically.

Oh, and our programmer felt like playing one day, so he made Swimmy Frog for when you feel like a break from life for a while.

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