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Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway. Screenshot 0
Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway. Screenshot 1
Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway. Screenshot 2
Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway. Screenshot 3
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About Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway.

You have escaped from Smiling-x. Help resistance to organized against Corporation X.

You may be scared when you discover the truth about the Corporation X.

Survival and escape in free horror adventure simulator!

Your survival started on the base of the Resistance. Be aware of dangerous enemies from Corporation X, new evil Robots, Cyborgs...

Want to survive? Help the Resistance. Take the teleport for each base fo Resistance and help them to organize. See if other teams survived Hypnotic Software!

Recruit more people and grow up the Resistance with resources fighting against Corporation X

★ Solve the puzzles you will find around this new horror game around the world.

★ Enjoy the horror and challenging in an overwhelming environment playing with your headset.

★ Play in ghost mode to explore without fear and unlock all puzzles.

★ Survival and escape game.

★ Dont forget to rescue your teammates.

Note: We highly recommend playing with headphones on.

If you want us to improve this escape room - just leave us any feedback! If you want to help us with the translation of this scary game, just message us!

(Our adventure new game 2020 contains ads.)

Thanks for playing! ;D

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Wow new smiling that the best game ever part 2!!!!!!
elma quijano
haven't played SMILING x 2
the official horror game channel
Jay Swaminarayan Jay Shri Ram
Kalpesh Sompura
institute game
Kiran Pawar
I love this game
Sebati Mahanta