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About Immunization Planner

Immunization Planner : Never forget a vaccination date anymore

Immunization Planner is a FREE immunization reminder APP that helps in tracking vaccination in an easy way along with tracking development milestones of your baby.

Main features:

-You can track vaccination schedule of more than one child.

- Immunization schedule of child is displayed in an easy way.

- Location of Child in their immunization journey is displayed to easily identify future pending vaccinations.

- Mark vaccinations which has already been done.

- Add reminders for the future vaccinations and update them anytime later.

Learn about Vaccination / Immunization :

- Myths and Facts section that help people overcome their apprehensions regarding vaccination.

- Provides summary about several diseases to which immunization is mainly targeted.

Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age.

- Track the Developmental milestones of your baby.


This App is only intended to be general summary information to the user.
This application is not intended to provide medical advice. Any questions regarding a user’s personal medical condition should be directed to the application user’s primary care physician.

*Images courtesy of CDC Public Health Image Library

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A Google user
Nice app. Option to edit/update details like name,dob,picture would be useful.
Krishnan Halaiah
Good app to keep track of immunization schedule of your child.
Saroj Sharma