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About Fooders

Fooders stands for a new kind of cultural and culinary exchange. You can easily connect with others, exchange ideas and get to know great recipes and many great dishes that a restaurant can't offer. Because at mummy's tastes better, Fooders offers you the possibility to choose between different options, depending on your choice between cooking, baking, catering, fitness & diet, or directly from the farmer.

• Under "Directly from the farmer" you can browse through the regional and seasonal products, which you can buy directly from your nearest farmer.

• The category "Cooking" is available to all hobby star Chefs, there you can share your recipes or cook for yourself and others and earn money on the side. You can discover other culinary delicacies that you won't find anywhere else. The homemade still tastes best.

• If "Baking" is your passion then you should definitely have a look around here, because here you can marvel at the masterpieces of other master bakers and, depending on the occasion, also have them baked to spoil your guests with homemade delicacies.

• But if you want to reach more people with your cooking and baking skills, you can also offer your products under the category "Catering". There you can make yourself independent in your own kitchen and gain your first gastronomic experiences.

• If you are an athlete and like to pay attention to your diet, the category "Fitness & Diet" offers you inspiring recipe ideas without having to forget the pleasure. Here you also have the opportunity to get in touch with others, to exchange ideas, recipes and other tasty treats to sweeten your fitness routine.

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