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About Hypnobirthing - Pregnancy, Music & Tracker

Hypnobirthing - Pregnancy, Music & Tracker is for pregnant women who want support in preparing for childbirth. Aside from the hypnobirthing sessions, you can find our due date calculator which will reveal lots of interesting information about your baby. New sections include Meditations, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Children Bedtime Stories, and Music for pregnant women.
Our app is a great source for Midwife and Doula.
Pregnant women can use our app throughout their pregnancy as well as take into the delivery room on the big day! These recordings are to help the new “mother to be,” be calm, centered, and prepared. The beautiful recordings not only are relaxing but the positive affirmations and breathing techniques keep her more focused during her labor. The sweet female voice, beautiful nature sounds and relaxing pregnancy music are all part of the teaching of Hypnobirthing and how to ride the waves of the surges (contractions) when they come.
Hypno-Birthing teaches women how to stay calm so that they are not interfering with their birthing process by having anxiety and fear. It reminds them to trust in the natural way of birth that women have done for thousands of years. By relaxing and trusting they can allow their body and baby to do just what they know to do. It allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing without drugs. Hypno-birthing uses a few main techniques such as visual imagery, breathing, and relaxation exercises.
There are 11 different recordings to help a woman prepare for the different aspects of childbirth as well as one for coaching her birth partner. These recordings can be used by any doula or midwife.
HypnoBirthing #1 - Relax, Bond With Your Baby and Prepare for Childbirth
HypnoBirthing #2 - Drug-Free Anesthesia & Natural Childbirth
HypnoBirthing #3 - Release the Fear of Childbirth
Pregnancy Meditation #4 – Chakra Balancing for Expectant Mothers
Hypno-Birthing #5 – Breathing and Positive Affirmations to be used during labor.
Hypno-Birthing #6 – Meditations and Affirmations for Breast Feeding
Pregnancy Music #7 – Quit Smoking before you become Pregnant
Pregnancy Tracker #8 – Post-Natal Depression
Pregnancy Bump Baby #9 – Birth Partner
Pregnancy Relaxation #10 – Mindfulness Meditation for busy Moms or Moms to Be
Pregnancy Breathing #11 - Learn and practice the 3 Breathing Techniques for Labor

* Eliminate and or greatly reduce the need for painkilling drugs during childbirth
* Experience Childbirth as the beautiful peaceful experience nature intended
* Enjoy a more rapid Postnatal Recovery
* Fewer interventions and complications during labor.
* Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birthing
* Shortens the first stage of labor by several hours
* Eliminates fatigue during labor, leaving mother fresh, awake and with energy for actual birthing
* Promotes special bonding of mother, baby and birthing companion

Our collection of hypnosis audios will help you:
* Bond with your baby during the 9 months of pregnancy.
* Learn positive affirmations for a relaxed and comfortable birth. Learn to have Have a mindfulness pregnancy daily.
* Help you separate from the pain of childbirth without the need for medication.
* Visualize the birth from beginning to end.
* Create your own inner sanctuary to have a comfortable place to go during labor.
* Learn to deeply relax during pregnancy and labor.
* Learn positive affirmations for a relaxed and comfortable birth.
* Learn to numb your body with your mind.
* Practice with your partner, baby daddy.
* Pregnancy Baby Tracking which will tell you the current growth of your child.
* Postpartum meditation to help you with the baby bump.

When having my first child, I used Hypnobirth to learn to deeply relax during pregnancy and labor and found this app super helpful. I will keep using it when I have my second child.
Dian Poles
I paid to download all today and it won't let me listen to the sleep one
Amy FAllon
Amazing at 7 weeks and the morning pains subsides....
Mali Tomlinson