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About Hex Converter Plus

Primarily for converting between number bases, but also with simple calculator functions and the advantage of showing simultaneously the same number in Decimal, Octal, Hex, Binary and ASCII. Optional base 3-9 capability (replaces octal). Most calculators display only a single row of digits - this one displays five lines at once.

63-bit capability. Calculator functions AND, OR, XOR, NOT and Shift included. Copy and paste to clipboard.

It is designed for the buttons to be pressed on the screen - you can't use a hardware keyboard.

Android 4.03+. Screens normal or larger (does not support small screens).
Full functionality both portrait and landscape on large screen tablet devices.

Now also displays ASCII.

Simple, well thought-out. Thanks
Lawrence Paolini
10 YEARS! Wow, seems just yesterday I installed this hidden gem on my Dinosaur Android 4-ICS LG phone with the slide-out keyboard. I loved that phone. Anyway, I was behind the times due to budget issues and ...
Michael Car
Muhammad Nasrullah