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About 1 Cat a Day

Fun cat pictures: Get 1 everyday and complete the collection.

- 120 cats available
- 7 kinds of food to reach different types of cats
- Exchange duplicated cats for awards
- Level up and unlock new advantages
- Share your favourite pictures in social networks

1 Cat a Day is a game developed by Guinxu about completing a collection of fun cat pictures. Cats were sent by Guinxu's YouTube channel subscribers.

Every day you can get a new cat.

Depending on the food you choose, different cats will appear.

If you get a duplicated cat, you can exchange it for some advantages: better luck to make sure you get non duplicated cats next time, or a special food to reach legendary / unique cats.

Level up and unlock new cat food or even the possibility to try again up to 2 additional times, when you get a duplicated cat.

What will happen when you will finish this collection of fun cat pictures?

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R gamer
para que sirve el boton de atras?
Gus C
It's really cute and the music is great!