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About Drop Stack Ball: Stack Smash

Stack ball app is an interesting stack fall game that drop stack ball to crush platforms on stack ball tower. Drop stack ball game improves its players’ concentration to scores more with stacking ball crush.
Stack ball drop game consists of numerous levels, on completion of each level you get amazing crush tower with new colored platform stacks to be smashed with falling balls.
Stack ball tower is surrounded with stacks of colorful platforms where stack ball drop the ball and crush tower stacks. Supers Stack ball drop smash the same colored platforms with stack crush on crush tower and create amazing quick stack fall.

Super Stack ball game has following features:
Stack ball 3D – Smash Ball
Ball stack game has collection of different styles stack balls. Super Stack smash offers you to change the ball or select stack ball 3D to drop stack ball tower.

Stack Crush Sound – Stack Smash
Drop stack ball game can switch on and switch off the stack fall sound and stack ball crush sound while playing stack game.

Drop Stack Ball Levels
Ball Stack game has numerous levels to play and win; every new level of drop stack ball is interesting for stack crush with stacking ball.

Stack Ball App
Drop stack balls provide amazing animations; ball drop release creates stack ball jump and stack crush with stack match.

Stack Match Awards
Stack Ball game, while playing well on crushing stack match platforms, awards its players with prizes to win and approach next level of super stack match crush game.

How to play stack ball game with stack balls?
✔Select the stacking ball.
✔Stack ball tower keeps rotating, press and hold on the screen to crush colorful stacks with ball drop.
✔Avoid smash ball hit on black stacks.
✔Drop the ball on same color stack match platforms.
✔Ball stacks automatically crush down with smash ball hit.
✔Crushing all stacks you win a level and face next level of stack ball game.

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