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About GEMS Connect

Welcome to GEMS Connect, your one stop shop for range of services related to your child’s education!
Explore GEMS Schools
Search various GEMS Schools based on curriculum and location.
Student Information Pool
Retrieve student’s information along with uploaded document details, health information and much more.
View Student Academic details
View student’s performance and assessment reports.
Fee Payments
One-stop shop for all fee payments related to tuition fees and other school related activities.
Keep track of your child’s whereabouts through real-time notifications. Notify School Transport Services personnel on the day you wish to pick-up or drop-off your child and set reminders in your mobile calendar.
GEMS Genie
Chat with our AI powered chatbot to answer general queries and facilitate administrative assistance.

There was an issue with the home WiFi connection. Their mobility support team called immediately and solved the issue.. they are really prompt with their IT support..
Shloky DOSHI
Very helpful
Ia Hanifa
Nice app
Yunus Ahmed