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About Optimum EWMA control chart

This application is designed to:

1.- To calculate the ARL of a EWMA control chart given its parameters and makes a comparison versus the standard Shewhart (Xbar) control chart.

2.- To find the best parameters (optimization) to reach a given in-control ARL and to minimize the out-of-control ARL for a given shift.

3.- To plot an ARL chart, showing a comparison of performance versus the standard Xbar control chart.

In this application d = (m1 - m0) / sigma0. And r = sigma1 / sigma0

The available languages are Spanish and English.

There is a twin application like this one working in Windows. The link to download it is:!CJBQ0BJB!a3ed1By-bcfew4hWgzliWIWppGdRJWbGixA3ikZtTkI

This application is also available for iOS (Iphone, iPad) and OS X (MAC). Just search in their stores.

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