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About Call Of Kraken: Pirate Wordl

Yarrrr mates! All aboard! "Call of Kraken" is here. Set sail for the Paradise sea
in this fast action pirate top down/platformer game. Join Philip and his crew to discover the amazing and mysterious story of terrifying captain Jack. Fight EPIC sea battles. Sink galleons, board pirate ship and defeat Pirates, Skeletons and the Imperial Marines. Conquer islands and upgrade your pirate, trade with the lost sailros and earn gold. In this story YOU are the captain!!!

Can you pass the hardest levels in this fast dynamic pirate adventure game ?
Can you defeat Legendary ships and show your skills on the sea?

Now you can find out !!!

Prepare to meet the scarest and terriyfing Monsters and Humans in this pixel art, offline, free game.
Be aware of the Legendary SEA Monster... The KRAKEN !!! and find out what happend to the legendary Black mary pirate ship and his fallen crew members.

Use your ship to gain money and glory in this pixel art game.

Let the stars guide you.

Hello fellow traveler...

You must be really tired, come and take a seat I will order you the best rum in the Paradise sea.

Let me tell you a story

A story about the fall of the most bloody and terrifying crew that had ever sailed these seas.

A century ago, a mighty ship named BLACK MARY was sailling on these waters. The Captain of this mysterious ship was named
Captain Jack. Jack with his fearless crew roamed the sea freely

They robbed, plundered and murdered without mercy

There was no one to stop the terror and havoc the wreaked

Until one day, when a mutiny broke out on the ship, led by 3 of the captain's closest friends.

One of the pirates cast a curse upon the captain, he was supposed to sail for eternity until he was defeated by the captain of the legendary ship called Call Of Kraken.

Then 3 pirates sacrificed him to the Mighty sea god KRAKEN.

No one knew what happened next with this crew!

Until one day, when a certain naval
deserter of the empire named Philip left his hometown with his friend who was a ship captain, on Paradise sea, aboard an unknown ship.

Philip wanted to find out what happened to his lost father who was on the ship named Black Mary.

However, shortly after arriving, they were attacked by Captain Michael.

They managed to repel the boarding, but unfortunately Philip's friend was killed, Filip took over his ship and set off in pursuit...

Really really good game
Bedo Games