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About Civilization Path

Civilization Path is a turn-based strategy game where you can lead one of many countries.

Choose polity based on your playing style. You can become president, monarch or secretary general.

Hire, move and dismiss armies. Declare war, make peace, sign non-aggression pacts, join alliances and leave them. Unleash a war with the wrong hands, pit enemies. Countries can present you with various ultimatums, unite against you. But you will be ready for this.

Civilization Path is not only a game about war. You can put your weapons aside and defeat with the help of science! Thermonuclear reactors, nuclear weapons - technologies are different for each scenario.

15 technologies. They are different for each scenario!

18 political institutions. Build the state you want!

- Europe
- Eurasia
- Mediterranean Sea

10 scenarios in total. 6 scenarios with unique countries, technologies and political institutions:
Millennium - is a standard game since 1000
Fall of Constantinople - begins after the victory of the Ottoman Empire over the Byzantine
World War I - you have to master tanks and aircraft, so as not to lose
World War II - You have to win in the largest war in the history of mankind
The modern world - is a scenario where the player has access to technologies of the near future
Consequences - the temperature on the entire planet begins to skyrocket. You have to find a way to reverse this process, otherwise all of humanity will die

Play offline. You can play the Civilization Path without the Internet.

If you want to help translate the game into your native language, write to [email protected]

it's good for a mobile game, but I do think it could be better. one thing I'd love to see is naval combat and invasions, as well as a more complex international relationship system, cuz so far i's pretty sim...
Lu Is Feeling Cozy
It's Very Good Game And Very Addictive Like Extremely, But I Think They Could Add Some Things-For Example-An African Map Including Madagascar Then Maybe A North American Map And A South American Map With An ...
Levi Bridges
I really enjoyed this game, and for that it gets 5 stars. It needs some work, but is fun.
Private Citizen