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About V3CK: logic brain teaser

** Find the color of each line! **

Based on a system of color and shape, V3CK is a puzzle game that put your sense of logic to the test, like in sudoku.

Each brain teaser is a true painting, offering a unique logic reflection method with color.

To achieve V3ck, you must complete each brain teaser by finding the color of each line, helping you with the numbers located on the tops. The numbers represent lines starting from the tops, and their color! The logic is easy to understand but the level difficulty will increase in each level!

Oxo, the new mascot of V3ck, is here to help you, when he is motivated! The rest of the time he has a pig character ^^ And be careful with its multiple personalities!

- V3ck is a highly addictive logic brain teaser!
- A puzzle game close to sudoku
- Play with no limit!
- Many brain teaser (over 100 free levels)
- Increasing difficulty that will give you V3ck logic reflection
- Two successful methods for perfectionists
- Simple and comprehensive interface
- Regularly new update with even more puzzles!
- Designers listening to your comments and criticisms ^^

I absolutely love this game. Its simple in concept but gets you thinking. The best part is that there are so many different levels to keep you playing for a long time.
Daniel Scuteri
Stupendous....awesome... excellent