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About Monday Arrow music tap

This special arrow music game is another kind of FNF music battle game on mobile. This game can help you get rid of boredom on Friday night after a hard week.
Practice for your finger. Feel funkin rhythm! Dance with cg5 and FNF songs!
You just need to tap right arrows up, down, right, and left to make them perfectly match. Get the highest score point as much as possible. Try your best. Show everyone your rap gift and take the heart of your Girlfriend's dad.
Join this game, you will have a ton of opportunities like:
Play offline everywhere.
Beat enemies: Whitty, Tricky, Tankman, Pico, Tabi,...
Befriend the others: Miku, Garcello, Shaggy, Bob, Matt, Tord, Kapi,...
This game has full 7 weeks with over 6 mods. Hope that it will not make you disappointed.
Have fun! And, enjoy this arrow music game!

I need a nonsense mode full week pls l like this game
Jerri Kean
It a fun game I request the big brother mod or bb mod
Gamer 3929
I liked it but I wish they had 9 arrows for god eater and they should add more mods cuz their all so easy