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About Tuscany HD VR Cardobard

Want to go to Tuscany? In HD? Then this is the Google Cardboard VR app for you!
(Works best on NEW phones like the Note 4. More optimizations are coming soon!)

* Uses HD assets to give an immersive experience (ported from the Oculus SDK Tuscany examples).

* Can use a BT gamepad controller to move.

Visual immersion experience designed for 3D/VR viewers:
Google Cardboard*, DODOcase, Durovis Dive, Refugio3D, vrAse, 3Deva, VReyeGO, GameFace, Homido, etc.

* You can build Google Cardboard for cheap!

How to calibrate for drift or shaking: Simply leave the phone lying on a table for about 20 seconds.

Have Fun! ;-)

Increase Screen Brightness to 100
Disable Power Saving mode
Close all other apps
Wear Headphones

(Help Translate!

As good as the original
Jaymes Baker
The good once
Anany Madhukar