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About Pickin' and Grinnin' Songbook

The Pickin' And Grinnin' Songbook is our attempt to digitally recreate that binder full of song lyrics, tabs and chords that many musicians lug around with them during the course of their music life. The songbook is focused on speed and ease of use. The main feature set is free and will remain that way as our goal is to make Pickin' and Grinnin' accessible to everyone. Advanced features are enabled via a single in-app purchase. New free and advanced features are in the works (see the road-map below).

Main Features (free):
- Organize all your text-based song files into one main song library with quick index key (Various file formats: .txt, .crd, .cho, .chopro, .chordpro)
- View and Edit any song from the library, swipe to page from song to song
- Options to prevent your device from going to sleep while in song view
- Several text sizing options including pinch-to-zoom, double tap to autosize, fine sizing controls in overlay menu
- Transpose the chords of any song up or down to fit your vocal range.
- Add new songs to the library from scratch, from the clipboard, or via web search.
- Share songs via email, bluetooth etc. (Some devices have problems sending text files via Bluetooth)
- NOTE: Pickin' and Grinnin' includes only a few sample song files for use, no copyrighted lyrics or chords are included within the app.

Advanced features (enabled via in-app purchase):
- Multiple user definable Setlists, that can easily be reorganized.
- Song title search
- Auto-Scroll with Pull-To-Scroll quick start!
- Chordpro formatting
- Songbook Backup and Sync (Local, Cloud)
- Bluetooth Pedal support
- Printing Songs

Development Roadmap:
- Syncing of Setlists to the Cloud
- Expanded database and filtering*
- Metronome
- Group Sync and share
- Chromecast support

Details about permissions:
- Check Network State - used to verify that Web Search is possible
- Bluetooth access - for sharing song files, Bluetooth page and scroll control.
- Save to SD Card - for saving/editing of text files to song folder.
- WIFI / Internet access - for new song web search
- In-App Purchases - allows purchase of a single Advanced Features option.

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Love this program
steven hickson
This is the best app for finding lyrics, period. Tried others but they are no we're as good. Easy to use. Bought a new tablet and the lyrics search wasn't working on the new os. I contacted Sheldon at codema...
Jackie Dixon
Excellent app !
Dimitrios Kal